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Data Centre

The layout of racks and rooms is key when it comes to making sure your data centre operates efficiently and reliably.

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We specialise in all areas of physical infrastructure, from data cabling, wireless solutions, power and cooling provision to state of the art intelligent connected building technologies.

Connected Building

We focus on cost effective, highly resilient and innovative technology that is user friendly, flexible and scalable.
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Laying down the critical foundations for you to connect with your customers. That’s what we do here at Connecture.

And what’s more, we’ve been providing our voice and data cabling expertise for several years now – right across the UK, typically on large-scale projects.
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Connecture is a network infrastructure services company. We specialise in all areas of physical infrastructure – from traditional data cabling, wireless environments, power and cooling provision – right through to state-of-the-art intelligent connected building technologies.

We bring decades of experience and knowledge to maximise the return on investment you make in any planned or required infrastructure. Our solutions will innovate your business, whilst exploiting industry best practice in design, processes and methodologies.

Our strength comes from working in partnership with our clients. All organisations are different, and each operates in their own, unique environment. That means they require a tailored service to match their individual needs and requirements – and that’s what they get from us.


News From Connecture

Intelligent buildings

4 benefits of an intelligent building.

An intelligent building is one that exploits the very latest in technology to make it run in the most optimal way. And what’s more, it collects valuable information about how people use the building – and then uses that information to its advantage.


Intelligent lighting

Is it time for your building to see the light?.

The category cables that make up your physical infrastructure – are not just for data transmission – they can also deliver light to your organisation.

By the same token, light isn’t just for visibility. While you’re in a building, it can affect your mood, your wellbeing, and your productivity. And what’s more, it accounts for a large proportion of your energy bill, andyour environmental footprint.

Intelligent buildings

Is it time to switch from smart to intelligent?.

Smart buildings, smart heating, smart lighting, smart phones, and smart TVs – ‘smart’ is everywhere.

But when a technology, device, or application evolves from ‘smart’ into something more ‘intelligent’ – that’s when there are big gains to be had for your organisation.

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